The Red Thread

Available: August, 2012

Quilt Patterns Available for the The Red Thread collection.

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Marisa and Creative Thursday

Marisa Anne is an artist and designer living in Los Angeles, California. After receiving a degree in advertising, she worked as both a graphic designer and interior designer. Marisa also studied acting and improvisation at the Groundlings Theatre and School in Los Angeles. She now credits Improv as the catalyst that helped her to finally trust her own creative voice. While working a 9 to 5 job, Marisa set an intention to be more creative one day a week, on Thursdays {of course!}.

Once she decided to take the leap as an entrepreneur she found her way back to what she truly loves, working as an artist in all mediums, from acrylic painting, to sculpting, to writing, to textile creations and design.

Creative Thursday has now become a full time business that is also home to a cast of characters who wear hats, hold hands and encourage you to follow your dreams too.

Marisa's art work sells all over the world via select galleries and her own online shop, as well as Urban Outfitters, Papyrus, and the Land of Nod. Passionate about encouraging others to live a life they love, especially creatively; Marisa teaches, speaks and is also the voice of the Creative Thursday blog and podcasts.

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